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Full descriptions of all album choices with paper types are listed in the Album Guide
A-sized (Heirloom photobooks onyl) or Inches
A spread is two pages across - i.e. 20 spreads + 40 pages. The number of images included is roughly double the number of pages. So for a 20 spread album, I'll ask that you choose up to 80 'must-have' images (this avoids cluttered pages) and an additional 10-15 extras if they fit into the design. Please refer to the Album Guide for suggested spread numbers by album. Please note that the maximum number of spreads for the ArtBook album is 40 and for AriaBook is 45.
All are listed in the album guide but please leave blank if you're not sure yet. We can make these decisions once the design process has begun.
Names, dates as you'd like them written, venue name? Please also use this box to specify font type if you have a specific one in mind (i.e. it was used on your invitations, etc)
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Final Album Delivery Address