Janet & Ben: A Haigh Hall Pre-Wedding Shoot

Two pre-wedding shoot blog posts in a row! This is crazy! But the combination of the insane autumn colours with a quite full 2017 diary of weddings means I'm taking advantage of the recent beautiful weather and shooting many of my Spring couples now! One of the huge benefits to this (among the many others, did you check out my last blog on the importance of the pre-wedding shoot?) is that with it being a totally different season, we produce a lovely contrast between the pre-wedding photos and the wedding photos!

Janet got in touch with me just 1 month ago about her March 2017 wedding at Ashfield House.  She had been given my name by the lovely Katie who coordinates the Ashfield House weddings and was super interested in booking ASAP as the date was looming and most other plans had come together.  Janet was warm, kind, and hilarious straight off the bat and I knew instantly that we would get along famously.  That feeling was solidified when she turned up to our pre-wedding shoot with a bottle of homemade damson gin, a girl after my own gin-loving heart! We agreed on a date in early November, arranging to walk around the stunning grounds of Haigh Hall in Wigan.  Janet and her fiance Ben also have two dogs, Stella and Murphy, and when she asked if it would be okay for them to come along, I jumped at the chance! They provided an easy icebreaker to the day and kept everyone relaxed!

Janet and Ben were an absolute dream, both completely up for anything I threw at them (and willing to go with my whims: run down the bridge back to me! Seriously! But don't fall!).  I loved hanging out with this gorgeous little family and am now so so excited to capture their wedding day at the beautiful Ashfield House.  Thanks again guys!