Cabin Fever - Lifestyle Family Photography

For the past few weeks we've been battling a poorly, teething, exhausted, coughing baby who is always on the move (and therefore doesn't seem to know what a movie day is - we sit, we watch movies, we stay in jammies ALL. DAY. LONG) and at the same time, both Michael and I have valiantly attempted to stave off the myriad germs/viruses/bugs that are keeping our poor baby up coughing most nights and unable to settle.  On the tiredness scale, by Saturday we had hit maximum velocity and seemed to just pass each other around 5 AM, when we would hand off Hadley and try rocking/carrying/feeding/cuddling her to some sort of sleep and tried not to let our hearts break too much over the rattle in her lungs that our GP has assured us is perfectly fine. 

We were sleeping in shifts like she was a newborn again and gave up her strict baby-led weaning diet temporarily for soothing cold fruit purees.  The weekend was great, having my partner in crime backing me up, but in the week last week, Hads and I went stir-crazy, not daring to go to our normal busy schedule of baby groups and playdates, but opting for some semblance of the forementioned Movie Days. 

After two trips to the GP, nearly a full bottle of Calpol, a tub of baby vapour rub, 2 refill packs of menthol plug-ins and many many tears (mine, not hers), our girl finally pulled throughand by Monday she was back to her normal cheeky, cheery, energetic self with just a bit of a runny nose to remind us of the horror of the last 2 weeks.  She was in such a good mood that I managed to get some photos of her and her best playmate, Hugo the Cat. 

Concentrating on my camera this way, with a subject I'm most comfortable and no deadlines can be such a therapeutic way to pass our time when we're all cooped up.  She's free to play and I just follow her whim, capturing the spirit of this amazing little girl.  Have a look.