New Year, New Bling

Happy new year my lovely readers! Now that I've got your attention with Mister Joseph's photos, let's back track a bit and talk weddings again! Christmas is my favourite time of the year for mainy reasons: the food, the family, the merriment, yes the gifts, the decorations (our house looks like a grotto from the first weekend in December), the music, the films...oh man it's just the best.  But the most amazing part of all is the anticipation, the surprises, the feeling of just relishing the things that make life sweet. 

This sense of the unexpected is what makes this time of year the most prime for engagements...what a wonderful way to cap off a year than with the ultimate question being asked and a promise to commit to the next infinite Christmases.  Ok, yes this is a seriously romantically skewed perception but there is nothing that gets me like a Christmas (or New Year's Eve) engagement because whether people are aware of it or not, you have a reason to feel even merrier in the coming years. 

So congratulations to all my newly affianced holiday couples! You are at the beginning of a marvelous journey together, one that will culminate in your joining of hands and hearts.  You get the joy of choosing every little thing about your wedding: the venue, the size, the bridal party, the dress! (the dress!), the flowers, the photographer (wink, wink)...

But one smaller piece of the puzzle, that many couples neglect to put too much emphasis on in the whirlwind of planning is the piece that stays with you and stays close, forever.  The bands that encircle your fingers, wrapping snugly around the vein that connects directly to your hearts, thus symbolising your connection. 

Your wedding band is with you even when your dearest love is not and therein lies much of the dilemna: for non-jewellry wearers (especially most men I know!), this omni-present bit of bling can seem almost daunting.  Therefore the decision can feel so big that many just put it off as long as possible! Regardless of your personal preference, it is so so important to go with what makes you the most comfortable, something that meshes with your everyday style and feels natural to keep on.  Something that stands out but also remains timeless. 

Look for some slightly unconventional choices, something a bit older, smaller design companies, something, dare-I-say quirkier? There's something for everyone out there.  Maybe you'll find the one!