You New Love Stories

We are a household of voracious readers...literally newspapers, blogs, mystery novels, thrillers, fiction, biographies, classic literature, chick lit, young adult, children's books, everything we can get our hands on.  One of the wonderful things about the volume of reading material we go through is the chance to come across something special.

Books give us the opportunity to imagine a world in our own individual way, within the constrictions of the author's vision.  And when a story grips you, you almost struggle to come up for air, so taken you are by the words and the characters that you lose yourself in another parallel universe...

So when there's romance, especially whilst you're in the midst of your own love story, you make connections to these fictional (or non-fictional!) players, you embrace them, you care for them, you relate to them no matter what trials or tribulations they must overcome and they WILL overcome because as we all know (and hope for and root for!), LOVE CONQUERS ALL.  And at the end of the day, love, regardless of it's form or context is the strongest of forces in the world.

Here are ten love stories that have sucked us in, wrung us out and left us breathless with.  What are your favourites?