Amy & Daniel - A Sale Town Hall Family-Filled Wedding

Sale is such a small town.  I moved here almost 6 years ago now to live with my then-boyfriend and had the shock of my life when he proposed my very first night.  It was such a magical time and I felt so so lucky to find myself in a place I could finally call home after rather nomadic start to my twenties.  Michael grew up in this community, played rugby at the same club that his dad did (and probably had his first pint there too), went to the school just down the's rare to walk around Sale and not run into someone he's known since childhood.  He has seen it evolve and grow and change and turn into a place where we are proud to raise our daughter and own a home.  Rather than run away from his hometown, we've grown even longer roots and can't imagine anywhere else we'd rather be (for now).

So when Amy & Daniel got in touch with me about their wedding plans and mentioned that they'd be holding the ceremony at the Sale Town Hall, I was thrilled at the chance to celebrate my adopted hometown and show it off a bit.  Plus these two were one of the kindest, most easygoing couples I've ever had the pleasure to meet.  At our first meeting, they brought along their adorable toddler Amelia and we knew instantly we'd be a good match - there was no awkward small talk or silence, just relaxed conversation.  They were looking for more natural wedding photography with a focus on the family and friends they'd invited to their small intimate Sale Town Hall wedding and down to earth DIY Ashton on Mersey Rugby Club wedding reception- this is the very club my husband and father-in-law played at for decades! It was like we were meant to be!

I arrived to Amy and Daniel's home on the morning of the big day, eager to get some good shots of Amy's 'princess dress' from Cheshire Brides and some fun images of her giddy with her bridesmaids! From the minute I walked through the door and was greeted by Amy's wonderful mum Jutta, I was made to feel at home.  Amy was just having her makeup finished up by the lovely Ashlie Black MUA, Amelia was singing along to Beauty and the Beast with her sister Georgia and the girls were just putting the finishing touches on their hair.  Unfortunately Amy had come down with a nasty case of the flu a few days prior but even though she must have felt like hell, you never would have known it: she was glowing! And she couldn't wait to get to that town hall and marry the love of her life.  I set to work photographing the stunning bouquets from Goose Green Flowers, the Ted Baker shoes and all the lovely little details that Amy and Daniel picked out to make their day special. 

The rest of the day was a total dream, you could really feel the love between these two and the incredible support from their extensive families.  We had a ball shooting some fun stuff down along Sale's Waterside and fought the intermittant rain showers to get that perfect confetti shot with the whole bridal party.  Throughout the day, though there was a lot to take in and so many people to speak to (and Amy surely was exhausted from being ill), they were never anything but gracious and sweet and in their perfect love bubble...Amy and Daniel's wedding was truly a labour of love from the stunning homemade wedding cake, to the dreamy pink peony and rose bouquets, to the very clever and cool wishing frame and all of those extra special touches that showed them off as a couple. 

Thank you so so much to Amy and Daniel for welcoming me along to capture your wedding day and a huge shoutout to Jutta, Georgia, & Shelley for your help in organising some of the more complicated bits! What a wonderful day it was..