Modern Minimalism: A Victoria Warehouse Styled Shoot

GREENERY.  Pantone's colour of the year is GREENERY.  What a wonderful colour to kick off recalls freshness and regrowth/rebirth, is the first signifier of spring when crocus shoots burst through the soil and expand into new life as they stretch and reach for all that photosynthesizing goodness from the sun.  So I can't think of a better jumping-off point for your wedding.  What could be more refreshingly modern, more current than riffing on greenery and balancing it's wildness and richness with clean lines, copper accents and earthy brick, smooth sleek hair, geometric accessories and art deco jewels?

When the incredibly talented Louise of One Stylish Day got in touch with me last year to shoot some styled table set ups, we got on so brilliantly that we agreed next time we'd go all-in on a full styled shoot, complete with bride and groom.  Louise has such a creative mind and talent for picking up on trends before they hit a mass market.  She is innovative and precise and exactly the kind of wedding stylist you want to work with - she has a clear vision but adapts to her resources and venue to create something so unique and magical and YOU. 

In the latter part of 2016 we assembled a team of top-of-their game vendors: Rachel of Marie Antoinette Cakes with whom we'd both collaborated previously, Jessica Bennett Bespoke Bridalwear, Mimi Lomax MUA, Bureau Design stationary, The Magpie's Daughter & CJ Antiques Ltd. Jewellery, SASSFLOWER, Anneliese Parkes for hair.  Louise set up a moodboard via Pinterest and we spent weeks firing ideas at each other.  We knew we wanted to embrace the low winter light but also suggest the beginning of spring and find a way to show off this concept of greenery whilst staying modern. 

After some searching and so many emails begging, the amazing Freya at Victoria Warehouse got back to us and offered the dream: full day use of their space in exchange for promo images.  We didn't think twice and jumped at the opportunity to work in this iconic Manchester building on the edge of city.  Victoria Warehouse has long been on my 'wedding venue bucket list' and I was ECSTATIC to get to work there.  We began fine-tuning our vision with Louise leading the charge and keeping us all on course.  Originally we had planned to seek out a real couple to model for us but I had worked with the gorgeous Molly once before and she was able to rope in her lovely pal Dan to step in as our groom.  I cannot tell you how un-forced the chemistry was between these two and they stayed so relaxed and comfortable that there were many jokes made about 'when you guys get married one day after this...' 

Ultimately the idea was to poole our collective talents and show off some beautiful trends in contemporary wedding styling, using a fairly minimal industrialised space and feminising it whilst still showing elegance and restraint.  A warehouse wedding doesn't need to be about grit and urban styling, rather it can be a blank canvas for your joy, for all those pieces that make your wedding unique to truly shine.  A dark wedding venue is just an opportunity to find the light & be creative in how you show it off.  At the end of the day, this shoot was about a boy and girl dressed up in their finest, sneaking glances, touching hands whilst around them greenery burst forth in lush patterns filling in the dark.

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