Philippa & Kallum: A Walkden Gardens Engagement Shoot

Happy bank holiday weekend! And what a gorgeous one it's been with that perfect sunshine starting us off on Friday.  After a week of darkness and tragedy and the world turning upside down, I'm starting the new week with a bit of love and beauty.  Because when darkness descends, what better way to combat it than to celebrate the light, the good stuff.  It will take time for our city to heal, for those families to find peace and for us to trust in the good of humanity again but those small acts of kindness that have cropped up all over remind us that it might be possible.  And there will always be love, we will always lift love up above everything else.

So in the spirit of love and light, I'm so excited to share the beautiful Philippa & Kallum's pre-wedding shoot in my favourite 'secret garden', Walkden Gardens.  This gorgeous pair is getting married in an epic black-tie event at the STUNNING Saddleworth Hotel in just 2 weeks time and we spent a gorgeous afternoon in April getting to know each other, chatting about cake & their epic wedding plans.  Pre-wedding shoots are always a bit awkward at the start, by their very nature they are the time for working out the kinks and figuring out how to communicate.  These two were so so natural in front of the camera, they did my job for me (even when asked to run and jump)! And the way they interact and laugh at each other, how excited they both are for their future together and how so very much in love they are is inspiring. 


These two truly are living life to the fullest and have found their perfect match in each other.  I'm so so excited for this wedding, to capture more of the infectious joy they have, to preserve these memories for them.  Here's what we got up to on that early spring Sunday, enjoy!