2018: A Year of a Manchester Wedding Photographer

How do you describe an experience that affects you so deeply, where individual moments are etched into your heart - where you’ve worked so hard and learned so much and listened and observed and were CONSTANTLY inspired? What’s the word for that? Do we even have one?

Because every wedding I was welcomed to, every family who opened their home to me, every beautiful, perfectly imperfect human who gazed into my lens and entrusted me with their most magical and solemn memories is forever ingrained in who I am as a photographer. I will keep your secrets, I’ll pay tribute to your unique beauty and present you with your very own archive of a glance, a touch, a wisp of light - an image that evokes powerful memory of a day when you celebrated the next chapter of your adventure together.

In the standard civil wedding vows, the registrar announces that ‘marriage is the union of two people voluntarily entered into for life, to the exclusion of all others’ Whilst I agree with most of the sentiment, with my experience, I would also add that marriage is the joining of families, of announcing to the world I CHOOSE YOU and I choose to include those in your life who love you and see you and so I choose them too - whether they are family by blood or choice.

In 2018 I’ve captured city centre weddings surrounded by glass and steel on the roofs of Manchester; I’ve captured weddings on farms and village halls where we’ve snuck out to run through fields and chase the golden light; I’ve raced against the rain for the shot and captured cartwheels and first kisses, choreographed dancing and fire breathers; I’ve snuck around the pillars of centuries-old churches & ornate synagogues to capture the ritual and ancient traditions of religious ceremonies; I’ve worked alongside florists, makeup artists and hair stylists, dress designers and tailors, magicians, entertainers, musicians, celebrants, coordinators & venue dressers, videographers and caricaturists, all at the very top of their game, all who have inspired me to work harder, learn more and be better.

I’ve laughed until my belly ached, wept at tributes to absent friends and family, danced with flower girls, cheered for happy couples and jumped, knelt, run, & stood perfectly still.

There is no other job in the world I could do now, I’ve become addicted to the joy I get to be a part of. And all of this is entirely due to YOU.

So it is with all of the gratitude that I can possibly possess, I want to end 2018 by saying thank you to the wonderful and welcoming and brave and beautiful and kind and hilarious and perfect couples who trusted me, who opened their hearts and homes to a virtual stranger, who are now with me, inspiring me and my work forever.

If you’re a couple who is just checking out my website or looking around for a photographer or even if you’re just reading this because it popped up on your feed (hi mama!), welcome!

2018 was one hell of a year, I can’t wait to see what’s next!