Rebekah & Josh - A Crafty DIY Wes Anderson-inspired Church Hall Wedding at Hesketh Bank - Lancashire Wedding Photography

I met Rebekah 3 years ago at one of my very first wedding fairs, when I was new to the wedding industry and literally just winging it every step of the way. She and her brother Josh (not to be confused with new husband Josh), also wedding photographers, were the first people who came over and spoke to me, extending the arm of commiseration over weddings and shooting film and how nerve-wracking starting out can be. I was touched by Rebekah’s warmth and elegance then, how her kindness simply radiated off of her. After spending the day yesterday with her entire extended family, I’ve come to understand that this is a Jones quality: the most wonderfully welcoming group of people, now joined by marriage to the Semans family who match them in graciousness and humour.

When Rebekah messaged me about potentially photographing her upcoming wedding to the WONDERFUL Josh, asking if I remembered meeting her all those years ago, I was brought back to that first conversation we had and how she immediately put me right at ease in a very new environment. I was THRILLED and so touched that she remembered ME and once she mentioned that she and Josh were loosely basing the theme around the films of Wes Anderson (my very favourite) I was hooked. At our Rivington Pike pre-wedding session, it was delightful catching up with Bek and meeting Josh for the first time, a musician whose life’s work is the very rare ‘ondes Martenot’ (as his best man told it last night in his rousing speech, it’s basically a fancy Casio - sorry Josh!).

These two very creative, soulful, beautiful humans are so perfectly matched for each other and yesterday’s DIY wedding was TRULY a labour of love with perfectly crafted touches (even home-brewed beer just for the occasion!), a trio of cakes made by maid-of-honour CJ, Bek’s own mother’s wedding dress from 35 years ago re-made into a modern lace dream by her sister Lydia, performances by our groom himself (including the MOST heartfelt, emotional stream-of-consciouness dream of a tribute speech to our angel bride), a ceremony performed by Rebekah’s dad, and a church hall decorated to the hilt in a confection of fairy lights and paper lanterns that fairly glowed with the joy it contained. I was honoured to have been chosen to witness this spectacular day and to capture and preserve these memories for this very special, wildly in love couple. From the very bottom of my heart, THANK YOU to the new Mr. & Mrs. Semans-Jones. Here’s your sneak peek!