Jack & Steph - A Family-Filled Colshaw Hall Lovefest - Cheshire Wedding Photography

There is no ‘right’ way to go about building a life. No order of service or blueprint for what makes a family or a happy life for that matter. One of the most beautiful things about being human is that we work most authentically when we follow our instincts - we trust that we know our needs and cravings best and can then design a life around, literally, what feels good. For me and the somewhat nomadic existence I grew up in, I wanted so much to be STILL. To share my life with someone who came to the table with roots and strength and a steadying hand. Who would travel to the ends of the earth for me but create a home that was constant and true. Who would be steadfast to my frenetic - thoughtful and measured to my impulsiveness - good-humoured and unflapping to my flights of drama. We crave a life that gives us what we NEED rather than always what we want. And when you strike that perfect balance, what a beautiful life it is.

Jack & Stephanie are the parents to two BEAUTIFUL daughters - with two under two years old they are absolute SUPERHEROES to me and watching and photographing them take in the sheer joy of their wedding day at Colshaw Hall in Knutsford yesterday celebrating the life they’ve built, even and measured - glowing with delight at their favourite people gathered in such a beautiful space was just extraordinary. Steph’s smile capable of lighting a whole damn city when she saw the space where her loved ones would feast and toast to her marriage was nothing short of an honour. Over and over she just kept whispering ‘I’m so happy, I want to do it all over again and again’.

Being a wedding photographer is such a funny thing - we are all at the same time archivist but also dress-arranger, time-keeper, kid wrangler…we are confidantes and secret keepers, venting outlets and in-law buffers. We are everywhere and still a little anonymous - blending in to catch the quiet moments and there with a stupid joke to catch the laughs. I love this part of my job so much - that there’s no clear description to what goes into it - and when you have such a wonderful couple as Jack & Steph in the most stunning, classic Cheshire wedding venue like Colshaw Hall it all becomes a bit of a fairytale. But the best part is that it’s real life - it’s the life Jack & Steph have designed with their gorgeous little girls. Yesterday was a magical beginning of their adventure together, I feel so so lucky to have witnessed it for them and to have preserved a small piece of their memories of their day. I cannot thank them enough for having me along and know that life will just get even more amazing for them as a family with such an auspicious day to mark it. And a very special shout out to Sarah & Ian for setting the standard in service at Colshaw, WHAT A VENUE! Plus all of the INCREDIBLE vendors that made the day so special. Here’s a small peek at what we got up to…

Cheshire Wedding Supplier Dream Team

Venue - Colshaw Hall https://www.colshawhall.com/

Hair & MUA - Pastel Hair & Beauty

Dress - Morilee from Blush Boutique http://www.blushboutique-weddings.co.uk/

Suits - Moss Bros. https://www.moss.co.uk/

Music (day) - Kick back Sundays https://www.kickbacksundays.co.uk/

Music (evening) - Tru Groove https://www.trugroove.co.uk/

Toastmaster - Ian Brown https://www.facebook.com/IanBrownToastmaster/

Caterers - Barretts Event Catering https://www.barrettseventcaterers.com/

Lighting - Luminate https://www.luminate-events.co.uk/