Akash & Paneesha - A Warm & Wonderful Traditional Hindu Wedding at Tatton Park - Indian Wedding Photography

I am a constant student, never claiming to reach any sort of pinnacle in my field, rarely entering wedding photography competitions or attempting to win awards - knowing that there is still so so much for me to learn and achieve and ways to evolve. Every single wedding I shoot is so unique and comes with it’s own challenges and learning curve - I welcome these opportunities with open arms because only then can I grow as an artist and a businesswoman, as a storyteller and a resource for the couples who entrust me with their wedding days.

So I always remain open to the chance for evolution and challenge. Until yesterday, I had never been given the opportunity shoot a traditional Hindu wedding celebration. Akash & Paneesha took a massive chance on me when they booked, knowing that I was completely unfamiliar and inexperienced with Indian weddings but they were so open and helpful, directing me to resources that may educate me ahead of the day and even offering me a ‘cheat sheet’ of the various rituals and ceremonies that take place throughout the day. Like any good student, I studied, I researched, I watched films and picked the brains of my fellow wedding photographers who regualr photograph Indian weddings, particularly Hindu weddings and I brought my pal Olivia as my second shooter who had a few under her belt. And my goodness, what an absolutely extraordinary experience it was!

Akash & Paneesha chose to get married at the epic, sprawling Tatton Park - we began with a civil ceremony in the morning in the mansion foyer before hiding out from the weather and capturing portraits in the lush green orangerie. Original plans to have their mandap for their Indian ceremony outside were scuppered by the rain but an easy shift by the flawless Tatton Park events staff brought us into Tenant’s Hall where the day stretched before us in a blur of colour and music and ritual and dancing and SO. MUCH. FOOD.

My first experience capturing an Indian wedding was one for the books and I cannot thank the Parmar & Chauhan families enough for welcoming Olivia and I so warmly into the fold and truly making us feel completely at home & supported.

With shout-outs to Kate, Kristen and the full Tatton Park staff for running things so smoothly and being so accomodating plus every other supplier who worked their butts off alongside us. What a day!! Thank you, thank you thank you, here’s your gorgeous sneak peek!