These questions will help me formulate a rough draft of a wedding timeline for your day. After you fill out the questionnaire for your timeline I’ll email you a rough draft of what your timeline will look like for the day and from there we can move things around and change it until it’s perfect for you!

Let's get organised!

Some things to remember:

- Our timeline is very loose! Everything can and will be adjusted on the day so pleeease do not panic if we don't stick to it to the letter! I'm adaptable and so is your wedding day, we will get amazing pictures!                                                                                                                                                         

– Family group photos can take up to 5 minutes per grouping, I recommend no more than 10 tops!
– The group shots list is just to act as a guide.  If there's anyone specifically you'd like a photo with one the day, just grab me! I'm here for you!
– The shots I include in your timeline are the ones that are specifically requested or specific family groupings. This does not mean that these will be the only shots I take of your wedding. You hired me to take photos and there are certain shots that I will always get, such as a hanging of a dress or outfit, a first kiss, a cake cutting, or any special and notable part of your day, whether incorporated by tradition or notable only to you So, if you don’t see all the typical highlight shots of your wedding day on the final timeline, don’t worry! Those are the ones we always get!

Name *
Wedding Date *
Wedding Date
We will already have discussed this in our initial meeting but it's helpful to give again in case things have changed!
Ceremony Start Time *
Ceremony Start Time
again we will have discussed this but it's helpful!
Wedding Breakfast/Buffet Start Time *
Wedding Breakfast/Buffet Start Time
Most caterers have the option of a 'supplier meal' which is typically a low-cost alternative. If a meal has not been arranged, please confirm that it is possible to purchase food within the venue (applies to FULL DAY coverage only)
Evening Guest Arrival Time
Evening Guest Arrival Time
please give me the names of all members of the bridal party including any Bridesmaids, Ushers, Best Women/Men, Mates of Honour, Groomsmaids or Bridesmen. etc.
both sides! (if applicable!)
(if applicable)
(if applicable)
(if applicable)
(if applicable)
(if applicable)
your dress/jumpsuit/three-piece suit/fairy wings etc.
(if applicable)
(if applicable)
Please fill in the correct address to send your final wedding parcel to *
Please fill in the correct address to send your final wedding parcel to