Leo - Lifestyle Family Photography

I LOVE babies.  How they smell, how the bottom of their feet feels like velvet, the unexpected joy of a gurgling belly laugh, how you can see the buds of their personalities begin to emerge from the earliest age.  And it all just goes so very quickly.  It's impossible to bottle those precious moments of laying in bed, completely exhausted but enmeshed in a bubble of love and wonder for this tiny person that you created. 

But in my job, I have the extraordinary task of attempting to capture those moments.  I am welcomed into homes of these families still awash in newborn glow and stand back whilst they bask in the perfect imperfection of the newest addition.  There is no posing necessary, no fancy lighting or backdrops..I just let them enjoy another couple of hours and hopefully preserve some of the magic. 

Little Leo was still asleep when I arrived.  But we have all the time in the world and as I enjoyed a cup of coffee with his parents, Dia and Matt, the Sunday morning light streamed through and illuminated their faces whilst they chatted away about what a good baby he's been and their upcoming holiday plans.  Their obvious delight in each other was captivating and I was able to get some frames just of them before the little guy began to stir.  When Leo eventually did wake up, he was the giggliest, most relaxed 3 month old I've ever seen.  The three of them were so comfortable with each other and it had the wonderful effect of not feeling at all like a job. 

What a beautiful family they are, I hope you enjoy the photos.