Portrait of a Bride in Spring - Cheshire Wedding Photography

Charleigh and her husband Chris have one of those love stories that sounds like it came from a film.  Two beautiful, seriously intelligent/smart/funny people met in University, got together and lived happily ever after along with their amazing two-and-a-half year old Fergus.  It would be so easy to hate that sort of perfection if they weren't also SO. NICE. And kind and generous and I mentioned the fun bit.  Charleigh is one of those girls that you can't help but have a bit of a friend-crush on because she'll show up just before Christmas with homemade Christmas puddings and salted caramel sauce and her contribution to a dinner party is freshly baked macarons.  Basically, she won me over without even trying in the best way: through food. 

She's a blast to drink wine with and during one such night in with her and our other lovely pal Megan (whose engagement photos I shot last autumn!), when I was bemoaning the struggle in throwing together a styled bridal shoot, Charleigh mentioned that she still has her wedding dress and would be up for throwing it on again.  Immediately my brain kicked into gear and despite the 4 glasses of wine, we managed to book a date for another impromptu, minimalist bridal session in 3 weeks time. 

We arranged to meet in the overgrown fields behind Ashton-on-Mersey RUFC and once again I ransacked CJ Antiques Ltd's safe for some gorgeous pieces to show off.  I was conscious of my previous bridal shoot and wanted to be sure to show a range in styling and photography styles.  When we shot in Walkden Gardens with Kim, I really concentrated on the greens and lavenders of the surroundings, the soft romanticism of fading light and Kim's very classic, natural beauty that all conjured up a perfect image of fairyland.  With Charleigh, I wanted to go a bit more bold, to show richness and contrast in the stark gold of the field's early spring grasses and make the very vibrant Charleigh pop against it. 

This time I sprung for Waitrose flowers but the principles of the first session remained: creating beautiful bridal portraits in a minimalist setting, showing what the investment of quality wedding photography can produce.  I hope you enjoy the images!