A Parsonage Gardens Love Story: Ellie & Rick's Pre-Wedding Shoot

I was introduced to the lovely Ellie by my mentor, Jonny Draper.  Ellie is a beautician who has known the Drapers for some time and, several months ago, mentioned to them that she hadn't yet booked a photographer for her wedding this coming August.  Ellie and her fiance Rick weren't too concerned but obviously as a wedding photographer, Jonny was on the case! He emailed me straight away, knowing that with this being my first year, I did still have some availability and did I want to get in touch with this wonderful couple about shooting their intimate family celebration in Bakewell at the end of August?!

I immediately emailed Ellie and introduced myself. We got on like a house on fire and I knew it was meant to be! Ellie and Rick are so low-key and very family orientated, choosing to have a tiny ceremony (presided over by a family member!) at a rented house near Bakewell then a big wedding bash at the gorgeous Didsbury Parsonage several days later.  I was hooked, these two were my kind of people!

We arranged to meet at the Parsonage on a humid evening in early June to catch up in person and have a pre-wedding shoot.  They brought along their gorgeous labrador puppy Lola and we spent the next hour walking and talking through the lush green Fletcher Allen gardens, laughing as Lola ploughed through muddy bogs having the time of her life.  These two were so relaxed with each other, so comfortable, it was an absolute joy to hang out with them.  You can really feel the love and connection they share...and we all need to be reminded that this kind of love is in the world.  I CAN. NOT. WAIT for this wedding, it's going to be AMAZING!