Tom & Megan - A Swettenham Arms Lavender Field Engagement Shoot

Tom and my husband Michael have been friends for over a decade and a half.  They met at school and, along with their pal Phil, they have been a bit of a package deal since! The whirlwind weekend that Michael and I met in Hamburg, Tom and Phil both were there too acting as (fairly rubbish) wingmen.  The three have such a ridiculous and hilarious friendship, it's easy to feel a bit like a spare part when they're together.  So imagine my relief when a few years later, Tom introduced us to the beautiful and fiercely intelligent Megan. 

Tom looked at Megan in a way that we could see from the very start that this girl was a game-changer.  And now, almost 5 years later, it's hard to imagine Tom without Megan.  They balance each other out in a way that most couples could only dream to do.  Spending time with the two of them is like being with family and we were over the moon when the two of them announced their engagement last year.  Megan has incredible taste so I was so so excited to hear all about their wedding plans! Next year they will be tying the knot in Shakespeare country (with Michael and Phil stood beside Tom as groomsmen, naturally) and I can't wait to put on a hat & attend their wedding as a guest.  They have booked another amazing photographer for the event but I was so honoured to be asked to take their engagement photos for their wedding website!

Megan has an affection for lavender so the two of them picked me up on a sunny Saturday morning at the end of July and we headed off to the beautiful lavender fields of The Swettenham Arms in Congleton.  It was amazing to work with old friends and the two really had a clear vision for their shoot.  I hardly had to give any direction and I feel their natural comfort and ease in each other's presence gave us some seriously stunning images.  I adore these two and their love story. Enjoy!