Clare & Mark: A Ramsbottom Engagement Session

Love is all you need.  Love is a many splendoured thing, love lifts us up where we belong... or something like that.  The world is scary right now.  I'm keeping as informed as I can but sometimes the news is just so overwhelming that I can't bear to watch or read much more.  So instead I focus on doing good in my life, in hope that 'paying it forward' or a trickle-down will find its way to someone who needs some light in theirs.   I teach my daughter compassion and empathy and am doing my small bit to contribute in making the world a more beautiful place.  I focus on love and JOY. 

In comparison to the noble professions that exist, I know that wedding photographer probably ranks pretty low in terms of what can actually make a huge difference but I take my task so seriously - I'm giving people a time machine into a brief but monumental moment in their lives, attempting to bottle the magic and remind them of everything honest and sweet and joyful about this special day.  Because life moves so fast and it can be hard to catch your breath and savour it when so much is happening around you.  Each couple & family I'm honoured to meet and photograph is entrusting me with these memories and I do my very best do them justice and show off an outsider's perspective of this radiant joy that envelops their wedding day. 

SO.  Let's talk about today's snippet of joy: the wonderful Clare & Mark.  Clare & Mark live and are getting married in the stunningly picturesque village of Ramsbottom in an intimate wedding ceremony at the Ramsbottom Civic Hall and a meal afterwards at the amazing Hearth of the Ram pub.  The Hearth of the Ram is renowned for it's menu of whimsical gastronomical delights and I was super stoked to get the chance to shoot (and eat!) there.  Ahead of the big day in May, I met up with these two lovely humans at their home just up the road from their venue on a sunny Sunday morning - which also happened to be Mother's Day, a fact that they very kindly reminded me of with the most beautiful bunch of tulips!

For their pre-wedding shoot, we set off on a bit of a wander around their storybook village, following the path we'll take on their wedding day and catching up on their plans.  Their day is small and intimate but also will be full of family and laughter and so so relaxed: they're even heading off on honeymoon straight after the meal! It's so wonderful to spend time with two people who are so clearly best friends, who delight in each other's company and are so warm and generous and easygoing.  Their affection for each other, their kindness and consideration are truly an amazing example the joy I'm chasing every day in my work.  They make it look so easy.  I really loved my Sunday spent in Ramsbottom with Clare & Mark and know their wedding is going to be awesome.  Here's a bit of what we got up to!