Clare & Mark: A Ramsbottom Civic Hall Wedding

One of the biggest things that I tell my couples when we meet up is to enjoy the day, not to get super wrapped up in little details but to HAVE FUN and just treat it as they would any other awesome party filled with their most favourite people in the world.  After all, the most vivid memories they will have of the day will be how they felt: the excitement and anticipation and sheer JOY above all else.  Clare & Mark certainly took my advice to heart, putting together a wedding that was truly celebratory and filled with just so much LOVE.  These two just didn't stop smiling all day (and certainly didn't let the rain interfere with the festivities!).  It was an emotional and silly and comfortable and beautifully elegant English wedding ending up in one of my very favourite (& their local!) pubs.

Ramsbottom is a GORGEOUS little town boasting a steam train station, award-winning restaurants and an annual chocolate festival (I know!).  I had actually dined in their venue, The unreal Hearth of the Ram, with my family when I was pregnant with Hadley and remembered so clearly the off-beat decor, the lush greenery it was nestled in and the outrageously eclectic and unbelievably yummy food.  When Clare & Mark booked and then sent over their menu for me to choose from, my jaw dropped.  After a simple and sweet ceremony in their local civic hall, the original plan was to snap their photos on the walk across town to the pub.  When some typical English spring showers but a dent in the plan, this warm and funny couple popped open the umbrella and we had a bit of a play in the cute doorways and arches of the hall, reconvening in the rich leather and wood of the pub. 

I really loved getting to know these two and their wonderful family.  Sometimes the very best weddings are just about two people, madly in love and so happy to share that joy with the people closest to them.  Because after all, and especially these days, 'what the world needs now is love, sweet love.'  Thank you again guys, here's a peek at what we got up to!