Vivienne & Andy - A Belle Epoque, Knutsford Wedding on the Terrace

There is no perfect time to find your soul mate, and it's ridiculous to even attempt to predict it. My husband and I, even 10 years later, still are gobsmacked as to how an introverted, music-loving Mancunian rugby player who lived in the same town his whole life and a wildly extroverted, theatre-loving American from a teeny-tiny town in Vermont managed to meet in a pub in Hamburg and spend the rest of their lives together. For the odds, it really doesn't make much sense. But here we are!

For Vivienne and Andy, it was 4 kids later and a simple walk with Vivienne's dog that started it all. It was Andy's quiet gentlemanly manner and pure adoration for Viv's infectious laugh and the respect and love these two wonderful humans have for each other that show just how clearly they are meant to be. You can't predict when you'll find your soul mate but you sure as hell better hold on tight and don't let go once you do. And throw one hell of a wedding when it's time to make those vows of forever!


Vivienne and Andy got married in June at the grand Belle Epoque Hotel, which is a stunning, iconic venue in the centre of Knutsford. It was the most beautiful wedding and the sun shone all day long!

Getting ready

Vivienne got ready in the brand-new bright and airy bridal prep suite at the hotel with her bridesmaids by her side, and the atmosphere was so energetic. These girls were giggly and silly and I have never laughed so much. The girls then walked the short distance to get to the ceremony. The bridal suite is just across the courtyard from the main ceremony room but due to the spectacular weather we had this summer, the ceremony was moved to the courtyard and it took some secret passage sneaking to get Viv around to the top of the aisle. Andy got ready at the Belle Epoque as well but we managed to nip outside before the ceremony for some quick portraits around Knutsford. It was so lovely watching him greet the guests as they arrived and seeing just how excited everyone was for the celebrations.

The serious part

The ceremony was a beautiful service in the sun-drenched courtyard. The light was incredible and I've never seen so many guests in sunglasses at a wedding! During the ceremony Andy and Viv were so giggly and sweet with each other, you could really feel their love and excitement for the day. It was such a personal service and so much fun.

The afternoon

The reception was in a beautiful room at the venue. They chose Belle Epoque Hotel because it’s where they always wanted to have their wedding and they just love it there. It was a relaxed garden party of a wedding, which was a bit of a photographer's dream. I love shooting Belle Epoque weddings because the staff is absolutely amazing. It's becoming a bit of a regular haunt for me and I can't wait to be back for another wedding tomorrow!

They had a drinks reception in the afternoon, and an intimate family dinner in the evening. The speeches were sweet and heartfelt and gave so much insight into how perfect these two are for each other. They decorated the venue with flowers and tealights, because it was a summer wedding.

The nicest part of the day was when we got to sneak out and take some lovely golden hour portraits in Tatton Park, because they really wanted to take a breather and the photos show just how enamored these two are of each other. It’s my favourite time of day to take pictures I think because the 'official' parts of the day are finished and couples are always so much more relaxed, leading to much more natural images.

The couple

Vivienne wore an epic La Fleur gown from True Bride and Andy wore a perfectly tailored grey suit and they looked so perfect. Vivienne’s flowers were cala lilies and a perfect compliment to the art nouveau decor of the venue and Andy’s buttonhole was to match. The AMAZING cake by the lovely Rachel of Marie Antoinette Cakes even carried on the cala lily theme!

Vivienne and Andy’s wedding was just the happiest occasion and everything I love about weddings. Here’s their epic summer Belle Epoque wedding!

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