Breaking & Entering: A Guerilla Styled Shoot

A few weeks ago I was working on the other side of the camera (as a bridal model, long story, so awkward) and as is always the case, began talking shop with the photographer.  It was one of those very nerdy technical conversations that photographers do so well but the subject came up about styled shoots and how it was tough to get one together that ticked all the boxes but still inspired us.  We were both after the same thing: gorgeous models who still looked like real people, fab dresses, some smoke for drama and a killer location.  Immediately, his eyes lit up and he started telling me about this multi-story abandoned power station near Burnley that was covered in graffiti and quite easy to get to (always fairly accessible so we wouldn't feel like we were breaking too many laws!).  Conversation turned to other subjects but in the following weeks, we continued to slowly eke out a plan: borrowing wedding dresses from family and friends (we couldn't risk a collab with a bridal shop as the location was seriously rough around the edges); signing up a MUA, his wife and my bff as models, getting a local florist on board, even a videographer to document the proceedings!  We were short a groom but on the day managed to pinch the very stylish teenage runner to snuggle up to the lovely Liz.  The whole shoot was a labour of love and between the setting, the enthusiasm & commitment of the whole team involved and some killer details, I am so so very proud of the result.  I hope you enjoy! Special thanks to: Nik Bryant Photography, Satin Pictures Wedding Photography, Kat Horrocks MUA, Bliss Flower Art, Models Liz Parker and Laura Bryant, Jamie Sharp for the heavy lifting (and the spur of the moment modeling!) and the Langley kids for their enthusiasm and general morale boosting! xx