The Owens Family - Lifestyle Family Photography

My journey as a family and wedding photographer has been incredible thus far.  I have met beautiful couples and sweet animals, gorgeous newborns and some lovely warm families.  It can't be easy to invite a virtual stranger into your home and attempt to feel relaxed and comfortable whilst they photograph your family.  I try to make the process feel as natural as possible but part of that is adapting to each family or couple or wedding.  No two situations are alike but if I stay open to everything and keep it light, the results can be amazing. 

Photographing children is always a joy but when you have a live-wire like 3-year-old Charlotte and her sweet baby sister Olivia, I become inspired! These two, along with their parents Samantha and Dave, welcomed me into their beautiful home on a rainy April afternoon and we got on with the very serious business of playing! There were blocks and puppet shows, finger paints and jumping on the bed.  My focus for this lifestyle family photography session was primarily on the girls and they made it the easiest job in the world.  I could have stayed all day! I am so so very excited to shoot this family again in June but for now, I hope you enjoy the photos from our first day together.