Elizabeth & Chris: A Rivington Pre-Wedding Shoot

I've always been a people person, I thrive on companionship and am in my element when I'm surrounded by loads of energy, crackling and chattering.  I love hosting guests in our teeny home, am a sucker for patterned paper napkins in Ikea and could never be accused of standoffishness.  I've talked a lot about my theatre background and how much that has prepared me for this wonderful career as a wedding photographer: groomsmen not had a beer yet and feeling awkward about having their photos taken? No problem, I'm armed with dad jokes-aplenty and have no problem lining them up and shouting at them to jump (lowest jump buys the rest a pint!) Mum's hands are shaking too much to do up the thousand buttons on the back of the dress? I've got a crochet hook and steady hands to help her out.  Flower girls are bored and restless after the speeches? Let's play hide and seek - and take some super cute pictures in the process! My point is that in the lead-up to your wedding, I want you to feel confident knowing that you booked a photographer who isn't shy, isn't scared to get stuck in and help out with the million extra details of the day and will capture some magic moments because your guests trust me and know I'm on your side because I fell in love with you guys a bit when we first spoke and I want so badly to do the hours of planning and details justice.  I have no agenda other than to capture the most authentic story of your day and for me, that means getting a bit involved. 

On your pre-wedding shoot, we talk alot about the flow of your day and how I can fit into that with minimal disruption - I want you to enjoy your party! That's the most important part to me! I've been so so fortunate over the past 3 years I've been shooting weddings full-time that I've genuinely always captured the weddings of people I LOVE.  I know we're a great fit when we hang up the phone or close out Skype and I go straight to my husband and say 'I really hope they book, I just want to hang out with them!' 

Liz & Chris COMPLETELY charmed me from the word go.  When we initally spoke and they asked about maybe hopping in my car to go off on a golden-hour photo adventure on their wedding day, I KNEW immediately that we were going to make some magic together! These lovebirds have been together 10 years and the way they communicate and interact with each other is so sweet and loving and respectful.  When we met up for their Rivington pre-wedding shoot a few weeks ago, I was so struck by this tenderness they have for each other.  More than anything, I understood they are best friends and marriage is literally just a natural extension of that: a commitment of hearts and souls and at times I almost felt I was intruding.  And though I knew we'd have an awesome time working together on their wedding (beginning this Friday with their Liverpool Town Hall civil ceremony, followed by Saturday's Spring Cottage garden party extravaganza!) - I wasn't prepared to fall a bit in love with them and spend a languid 2 hours walking the sun-drenched trails of the gorgeous scenery that will provide the setting for Saturday's festivities.  Okay, enough fawning for now, here's Liz & Chris's pre-wedding shoot - try not to become a bit smitten with these two, I dare ya!