The Story So Far: 2018 in Pre-Wedding Shoots

So I'm getting super into theis year's pre-wedding shoots: meeting in stunning new locations, hiking or walking and spending time with couples who are just so damn excited about their plans...pre-wedding shoots are about so much more than pretty pictures though, they're about connecting and getting to know each other, about working out your chemistry and reassuring you that I'm not eager to make you look like anything or anyone but YOU.  Each couple is so unique, I've been falling in love over and over this year hearing how you met, who hogs the bed and when you were most proud of your partner - meeting your dogs and your kids and teasing them both - exploring the incredible landscape of the North West of England and discovering hidden gems.  Amazingly in 2018 so far I've not shot in the same location twice!

So looking through all of these images of beautiful people in extraordinary locations, I wanted to create a blog post as a love letter to YOU.  For welcoming me into your lives and entrusting your precious memories to me.  For inviting me to wander the rocky ridges of Tegg's Nose and Walkden Gardens' secret passageways, climb the ruins of Hawarden Castle or balance across logs in Etherow.  This year's pre-wedding shoots haven't followed any traditional formula, they've been about getting to know each other and learning more about what lights you up (click!), hearing about when your partner was your rock (click!), laughing at each other's terrible jokes (click!), staring at each other until your eyes cross (click!), adjusting awkward limbs and finding the comfort in the other's embrace as you cringe through the awkwardness of the situation (CLICK!). 

Because it doesn't have to be overly posed, it doesn't have to be about prompts or tricks, sometimes it's just being asked over and over again to 'look at each other, look at me' and by the 857th time your faces relax at the sheer ridiculousness of the idea of having your photo taken in a public place by a virtual stranger and knowing that this 'stranger' is now becoming someone with whom you trust the most sacred memories of when you spoke your vows in a space surrounded by people you love, commiting to forever.  This is the first step, this is the beginning of the next chapter in your love story.  It all begins with a walk, in a beautiful place, giggling and connecting and sighing and arguing and holding tightly onto the person who knows you best. 

I've shot 13 pre-wedding shoots this year, I've fallen in love with 13 unique, perfectly imperfect love stories.  Here's to you guys, thanks for the magic (so far!).