Chantelle & Simon: A Walkden Gardens Engagement Shoot

Remember in my last blog post and I said that spring was on it's way? Well this past weekend we had DAFFODILS!! Oh man, I love love love this time of year when the buds on the trees give a haze of green and it's still jacket weather but you can leave it unzipped and your nose starts to twitch with early pollen...early spring gets such a bad rap, particularly where I'm from in Vermont where it's lovingly referred to as 'mud season' - and it doesn't get to this stage until May but hey ho! I love living in England where when Spring is on it's way, you don't get all of a sudden blasted with a freak snowstorm.  England commits to Spring! Those helabores and daffodils and crocuses are determined to blossom and stay that way until the trees catch up and you're living in the most lush, green fairyland. 

So what more fitting way to celebrate the start of spring and all that green than with a Walkden Gardens engagement shoot! Chantelle and Simon are getting married in just a couple of months at the stunning (and newly refurbed!) Haigh Hall in Wigan.  The two are quite non-traditional with their gorgeous tattoos and unique style but theirs is yet another old-fashioned love story.  Talking with them, you'd think they'd been married for a decade already, they are just that relaxed with each other and have a beautiful bond.  When we were planning their engagement shoot ahead of their May wedding, they mentioned that they loved the idea of Simon's 4-year-old son CJ taking part and being in some of the pictures.  What followed was the most lovely afternoon with the sweetest little family of three. 

We met at the 'secret garden', Walkden Gardens in Sale which hosts so many community events and outdoor movie screenings/yoga classes/picnics thorughout the summer but on this grey March Sunday, was completely empty save for only 2 or 3 other families.  Though it doesn't boast a playground, Walkden Gardens is still a kids paradise and I'm sure plays host to many an epic game of hide and seek.  I absolutely love this hidden gem and have only shot there once or twice before.  However, as it changes so much depending on the season, I suspect I'll be spending a lot more time wandering the immaculately kept grounds!  We spent the next hour or so talking about their wedding plans, Chantelle's uni work (the amazing girl is working full time, planning a wedding AND studying to become a social worker!!) and being entertained by CJ's 'ninja skills'.  What a gorgeous, fun, easygoing family these guys are, I seriously cannot wait for their May wedding! Here's what we got up to, enjoy! x